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From time to time, we all have to wait for something we want! Many learners who encounter situations during which they must wait have difficulty with this concept! Wait4it™ is a great visual tool for those that have mastered phases I and II of PECS. The app is designed for use in any setting to help teach the concept of "wait" and encourage learners to wait successfully! Wait4it™ features a bright colored "wait" card, digital sand timer and space for you to add a visual representation of the item your learner is waiting for. This method provides the learner with a visual reminder to wait which will help him/her better tolerate the delay.

Select a picture from the library or use your own photos!

Features include:

  • Countdown timer allows you to select any increment of time between one second and 30 minutes
  • An alarm sounds when the time hits zero seconds
  • Digital sand timer shows the passage of time
  • Instructions on teaching the concept of "wait"
  • 55 pre-loaded Pics for PECS® image of commonly used reinforcers
  • Ability to import your own images directly from your photo library

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